Skate-by reconnects coaches and students of Lucan Skating Club

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A pair of Lucan Skating Club coaches braved the sweltering heat to roll by the homes of some of their locked-down students Wednesday afternoon just to check in and say hi.

Katrina Jeromkin and Matthew Ryan Smith strapped on their roller-blades, rang some doorbells and reconnected with their young skaters a couple months after the club’s season was abruptly cancelled by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We thought we would do something different and strange and kind of fun and get out into the streets and just skate around the neighbourhood and say hello from a distance,” Smith said.

He said the club has been getting together online Mondays and Fridays through Zoom for fitness classes and mental-health check-ins, but coaches and students weren’t able to say their proper goodbyes when everything was shut down just as the club was gearing up for its yearly showcase.

“We are talking hundreds of kids from ages as young as three and four years old to teenage years,” Smith said. “There’s a big buildup to that showcase every year at the end of March and all of the sudden we didn’t have that for the first time in, gosh, I’m not sure how long.”


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Jeromkin and Smith planned to wear their coaches’ uniforms for Wednesday’s skate-by, but had second thoughts when they saw the forecast.

“Usually that’s pants, a few jackets, a scarf and a toque because the Lucan rink gets cold in the winter,” Smith said. “But it’s way too hot to wear a toque.”

Skating is a significant part of many of the students’ lives, Smith said, with the club practising two to three times a week, but the coaches are missing it, too.

“Their lives have been really unsettled by this so we are trying to do something positive and keep them engaged in skating and with being active,” Smith said.

“It’s just something to show that we care and that we are still here.”

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