Exeter and Goderich-Maitland tie at Interclub Curling Championship

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The Interclub Curling Championship has been on going for three years, and this year’s championship saw Exeter and Goderich-Maitland tie in the final.

The three clubs in this competition were Goderich-Maitland, Seaforth and Exeter. Each club sends two teams of curlers to play one game at each of the clubs.

The wins and losses for each club (not single team) are kept track of for each night. At the end of the three nights the wins and losses are added up and a winning club is given a trophy to put their name on and a cash prize towards their club.

This year the final games were played at Exeter Curling Club on Fri March 2, after a fun night of curling the results were added up. The result was a tie between Goderich–Maitland and Exeter. The prize money was split and names of both teams will go on the trophy.

The Interclub Curling Championship is a fun way for local curlers to play at other curling clubs and meet players from the area.

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